Bank History

The Columbus State Bank opened for business on August 19, 1919, with Mr. E.B. Mayes as president. Columbus State Bank was located on the corner of Milam and Walnut streets in the remodeled Boedecker building, which was originally constructed in 1857. The bank opened its doors with $50,000 in capital and received $5,398 in deposits on opening day. The present modern and expanded main banking facility remains at the same location as when Columbus State Bank was founded in 1919.

The Columbus State Bank has had moderate but steady growth during its history. On December 31, 1939, the bank’s total capital was $86,804 and deposits totaled $516,595. Twenty years later, on December 31, 1959, total capital was $590,292 and deposits were $4,469,712. By December 31, 1979, total capital had increased to $3,652,222 and deposits totaled $23,139,021. On December 31, 1999, total shareholders capital was $10,963,139.72 and deposits totaled $62,672,682.16.

In 1980, construction began on the Columbus State Bank convenience-banking center. This building, located on the corner of Milam and Spring streets, was completed in 1981. The facility contains five drive-thru lanes, walk-up teller banking service windows, night depository features, and an automated teller machine. The convenience center is designed to provide the customer with the very best retail banking service possible while the main bank building remains at its original location on the corner of Milam and Walnut streets. In addition to its excellent physical facilities, all located on the courthouse square in downtown Columbus, the Bank continues to advance in technology. It is presently expanding its capabilities to provide the most modern banking products such as 24-Hour Banking and online services to its customers while maintaining the same personal, courteous, and professional service the Bank has provided to the Columbus area since its beginning in 1919.

Mr. E. B. Mayes served as president from 1919 until 1938 when Mr. Herman Braden was elected to that position. Mr. Braden served as president until 1946 when Mr. W. H. Miekow was elected to succeed Mr. Braden. Mr. Miekow served as president from 1946 until 1978. In 1978, Mr. LeRoy Stein was elected to the office of president and served in that position until 1986. In 1986, Mr. Delmar Fehrenkamp was elected president and served until 1994. The banking industry’s pace of change accelerated during Mr. Fehrenkamp’s term of office as personal computers and other innovative electronic technologies became a larger part of bank operations. In 1994, Mr. James Stein was elected to the office of president to succeed Mr. Fehrenkamp and held that position until 1996. Mr. Stein continued to enhance the bank’s operations through more advanced data processing capabilities and the installation of a local area networking system to provide more efficient customer services. In December 1996, Mr. Ronney D. Frank was elected president of the Bank. Mr. Frank had previously served the Bank for 12 years as its senior agricultural lending officer. Effective January 1, 2006, Mr. Frank was elected Chairman of the Board. Mr. J. Doak Hartley was promoted to President and served in that position until February 2009. Dwight W. Mazac was elected President in February 2009 after serving in various positions since 1997.

During Mr. Leroy Stein and Mr. Delmar Fehrenkamp’s tenures as president, the banking industry saw many drastic changes in the economy and bank operations. With high inflation, extremely high interest rates, rampant speculation in real estate and high unemployment, all coupled with deregulation of the banking industry, many banks and savings and loans in the area failed or were closed or bought out by other banks. The Columbus State Bank continued to grow and prosper while remaining independent and financially strong during these most difficult times of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Our People

The Columbus State Bank is operated by some of the nicest and most professional people!

 Officers and Employees

Charles Bittner – Chairman of the Board
Ronney D. Frank – Vice-Chairman of the Board
Sandra Berger – Co-President
Clay Bittner – Co-President
Susan Trojacek – Vice President
Sara Everett – Vice President
Glenda Griffin – Vice President/Cashier
Codi Wessels – Vice President
Joy Maertz – Assistant Cashier
Jennifer Pryor – Assistant Cashier
Dena Berger – Customer Services
Anna Shupak – Assistant Cashier
Denise Pawlik – Customer Services
Ashely Poncik – Customer Services


Charles Bittner – Chairman of the Board
Ronney Frank, Vice-Chairman of the Board
Robert H. Henneke
Earl W. Pitchford
Jerome Dvorak
Andrew Schobel
Clay Bittner
Sandra Berger
Michael Trefny

Statement of Condition

Last Updated: June 30, 2021

Our Community

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